New Moon in Leo

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Anointing Oils

Scent can work at a deeper level than words helping strengthen your magical energy, in addition to your spells.

Invocation Candles

Candle magick is a beautiful beacon for the energy that surrounds us and can help create a magickal atmosphere during any ritual or meditation.

Magickal Soaps

Handmade soaps using the finest base oils, essential oils, and magickal color combinations to bring your spiritual work to another level.

Body Butter

Use after a calming shower or just because your skin needs some TLC.

What do you need to make your day magickal?

Our Invocation Kits are pure magick

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Planning a magickal wedding?

Our handfasting cords can be customized for your special day!

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Infuse your bath with the ultimate in relaxation

A unique blend of sea salts, Epsom salt, herbs and essential oils designed to soothe your misaligned energy.

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New Moon Abundance Ritual...Plus PDF...

Aug 06
The night of the New Moon is all about new beginnings. The dark phase is passed, and the energy has rested. Now the universe is...

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