Midwinter's Kiss

$55.00 USD

A twelve strand braid of dark red, white, and pink satin cord. Based on the energies of Imbolc. 

Charmed style has amethyst, rose quartz, candle, and snowflake charms.

Dark Red (Passion, Vitality, Strength, Fertility, Courage, Sexual Potency)

White (Unity, Purity, Cleansing, Peace, Balance, Spirituality, Healing, Truth, Consecration)

Pink (Love, Compassion, Nurturing, Friendship, Romance, Partnership, Domestic Harmony)

Amethyst (Meditation, Psychic Protection, Spirituality, Calming, Faithfulness, Friendship, Healing, Inner Calm, Insights, Intuition, Meditation, Self-Esteem, Spiritual Awareness, Courage)

Rose Quartz (Protection, Fertility, Love, Romance)