Lughnasadh Candle

$12.00 USD

Lughnasadh, it's time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the past few months, and recognize that the bright summer days will soon come to an end. Gardens are full of goodies, the fields are full of grain, and the harvest is approaching. Take a moment to relax in the heat, and reflect on the upcoming abundance of the fall months. The natural world is thriving around us, and yet the knowledge that everything will soon die looms in the background. This is a good time to work some magic around the hearth and home.

Our hand poured candles are dye-free soy wax with wood wicks and are carefully designed for their magickal correspondence and scented with essential oils.

4oz Lughnasadh Candle
Rose (Love, Luck, Protection)

Citrine (Intuition, Opening the mind, Creativity, Physic Power, Protection, Sexual Energy, Cleanses Auras, Optimism, Confidence, Energizing, Problem Solving, Abundance)
Moss Agate (Protection, Healing, Earth Element, Wisdom, Knowledge, Power Amplification, Energy, Grounding, Happiness, Long Life, Abundance, Strength, Love, Courage, Prosperity, Truth)

Clove (Balances Chakras, Business Success, Courage, Divination, Exorcism, Healing, Heart Chakra, Love, Money, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Awareness)
Frankincense (Blessing, Consecration, Courage, Exorcism, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Solar Plexus Chakra, Spirituality)
Sandalwood (Anointing, Astral Projection, Attraction, Blessing, Consecration, Exorcism, Healing, Love, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Sacral Chakra, Spirituality)