Invoking Fire Candle

$18.00 USD

Candles at a glance: Our hand poured candles are dye-free soy wax with wood wicks and designed to correspond with a variety of magickal purposes.
Essential Oils: 
Peppermint (Conscious Mind, Exorcism, Health, Protection, Purification)
Cedar (Blessing, Health, Heart Chakra, Meditation, Money, Protection, Psychic Energy, Purification, Self-Control, Spirituality, Un-Hexing)
Clove (Balances Chakras, Business Success, Courage, Divination, Exorcism, Healing, Heart Chakra, Love, Money, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Awareness)

Clove (Protection, Love, Exorcism), 
Mullein (Protection, Prevents Nightmares), 
Calendula (Prophetic Dreams, Protection)

Garnet (Health, Love, Power, Aids Self Discovery), 
Sunstone (Energy, Health, Willpower)

The Magick:
Our Invoking Fire candle was created to amplify the energies around you with essential oils, botanicals, and crystals focused on warmth, protection, and cleansing. Fire is destructive and creative. It provides heat, light, motion, and is constantly moving and active. We use fire to keep our homes warm, cook our food, and keep the darkness away. Fire transforms matter into smoke and ash, and thus, should be used in rituals of transformation. You can feel the element of fire by standing in the sun, listening to a campfire crackle and pop, and watching the flames of a candle flicker in the breeze. Controlling the destructive aspect of fire is important when working with this element. If you lose control over the destructive aspect, you can bring about negative results to your rituals. Fire promotes change, passion, creativity, power, and sensuality.