Invoking Air Candle

$18.00 USD

Candles at a glance: Our hand poured candles are dye-free soy wax with wood wicks and designed to correspond with a variety of magickal purposes.
Essential Oils: 
Lavender (Balances Chakras, Business Success, Celibacy, Conscious Mind, Happiness, Health, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification, Sleep, Third-Eye Chakra, Healing, Promote Harmony)
Bergamot (Business Success, Happiness, Money, Peace, Physical Energy, Prosperity, Protection, Sleep)
Sandalwood (Anointing, Astral Projection, Attraction, Blessing, Consecration, Exorcism, Healing, Love, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Sacral Chakra, Spirituality)

Benzoin (Purification, Prosperity) 
Lavender (Protection, Love, Peace, Sleep)

Citrine (Intuition, Opening the Mind, Creativity)
Tiger's Eye (Divination, Protection, Strength)

The Magick:
Our Invoking Air candle was created to amplify the energies around you with essential oils, botanicals, and crystals focused on peace of mind, mental clarity, creativity, and spirituality. Air is all around us, it’s necessary for life, and is usually the easiest element to start working with because we’re so accustomed to it. Not to say that air is constantly friendly! We’ve all seen (or experienced) hurricanes, tornadoes, or large gusts, but air can also be a gentle breeze or a light wind. Air is constantly changing and always fluid. It is the manifestation of intelligence, freshness, new beginnings, etc. To connect with this element, find a place where you can breathe deeply. Focus on the freshness of the air and the feeling you get from that deep breath.