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Stir some magick into your bath with this complete set of all five bath potions!

Follow the path of the moon and magick; these salt blends will soak the energies right into your skin. Start new and set your intentions, build the strength of the magick, allow your work to manifest, ground and surrender after completion, contemplate and banish what no longer serves you. 

Intent- New Moon Bath Potion
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Orange Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Petitgrain Essential Oil, Safflower Petals, Cornflower Petals
Safflower (Energy, Divination)
Cornflower (Clairvoyance, Attraction, Protection)
Orange (Purification, Happiness, Energy)
Cinnamon (Meditation, Energy, Spirituality, Focus)
Petitgrain (Stimulate the mind, Protection)

Strength- Waxing Moon Bath Potion
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Lemon Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Thyme Leaves, Calendula Petals, Elder Flower
Thyme (Strength, Courage)
Calendula (Protection, Strength, Positivity)
Elder Flower (Protection, Prosperity)
Lemon (Longevity, Spiritual Opening)
Grapefruit (Energizing)
Lemongrass (Purification, Spirituality, Energy)
Peppermint (Growth, Purification, Repel Negativity)

Manifest- Full Moon Bath Potion
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Jasmine Flower, Rose Petals, Basil Leaves
Jasmine (Love, Creation, Prophecy)
Rose (Luck, Protection, Feminine Power)
Basil (Abundance, Satisfaction, Happiness)
Ylang-Ylang (Love, Peace)
Orange (Purification, Happiness, Energy)
Ginger (Success, Magickal Energy, Prosperity)

Surrender- Waning Moon Bath Potion
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Bergamot Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Buds
Chamomile (Tranquility, Cleansing, Peace)
Lavender(Protection, Peace, Calming, Release) 

Bergamot (Happiness, Protection, Peace)
Tangerine (Magickal Energy, Purification)
Lavender (Protection, Peace, Calming, Release)

Banish- Dark Moon Bath Potion
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, Lemon Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Leaves, Rosemary
Peppermint (Exorcism, Protection, Purification)
Rosemary (Restoration, Vitality) 

Black Salt (Cleansing, Banishment, Change after destruction)

Lemon (Longevity, Spiritual Opening)
Cedar (Meditation, Spirituality, Banishment)
Rosemary (Restoration, Vitality)