Small Business Guide

✨ Are you ready for the ultimate list of handmade Pagan shops?
Changing the world starts small - such as buying handmade whenever possible. 
It might cost a little bit more, but the quality is unsurpassed.

✨ Are you ready to shower these amazing artisans with love?
The world doesn't change until we do. The more we shop handmade, the more handmade items become the it should be

Here is our list of magickal businesses, generally divided by category, so you can shop small, shop handmade, shop magickal. 


Soaps & Body Products

Raven Avenue Studio

MoonCrafted Essentials

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Balefire Apothecary



Herbs & Apothecary

Deja Vou Foundry

Bone & Basil 

Cattail Apothecary 

Soulful Sanctitea 



Shadow Wick Creations

MoonCrafted Essentials



Visual Artists & Decor

Terri Foss

Harmony Goddess

Shauna Aura Knight

Witch Way Glass Co (Canada)

Rock Solid Mamas

Shadow Art Finds

Kat Shaw

 Anya Leveille Contemporary Art


Miscelanneous Supplies

Olde Haven Arts

Reiki Magick

Magical Musings & Books

Nomadic Spirit Works


Hidden Crystal Tarot Cloths

Pagan Store 


Lilliana Press

Moonspinner Jewelry