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Unbox the power of the moon every month with your own curated magickal delivery. Each month is created around a specific lunar theme and includes items for the night spirited and the lovers of all things mystical and natural.

Curated specially for you to help with intention setting and manifesting your deepest desires. Each monthly box can include carefully crafted candles, soaps, and bath potions as well as crystals, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry & other lifestyle pieces.

Get your moon magick inspired monthly box. Don't miss out, get on the list today and reserve your spot.

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We are partnering with local pagan artists and makers to include some amazing special treats in each box. Items may include art prints, altar tools, spell and ritual supplies.

Unbox the power of the moon every month. Embrace your magick and let MoonCrafted help start your mindfulness and self-care rituals today.

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