Meet the Guest Artists

This page is all about our magickal friends! They are amazing artists and makers who I have known and worked with for years. Get to know them here and in special features in the MoonCrafted Monthly Subscription Box.


Olde Haven Arts logo elemental glasses set

Misty, of Olde Haven Arts, specializes in high pressure abrasive etching of glass, stone, tile, metal and more.  No creams of chemicals are used and the designs will not fade or change over time. She specializes in Pagan ritual wear and altar items, but no job is too large or too small and enjoys creating heirloom pieces that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Ready to buy and custom work are encouraged. Find her on Facebook at


shadow wick logo  shadow wick carved candles

Ana, of Shadow Wick Creations, designs beautiful hand-carved candles created with intent. From start to finish she researches and crafts each unique piece with magickal purpose and ritual in her sacred creative space so that whether the candle is lit or not, the energy is there to connect to and pull from. Each candle is her interpretation of the theme and utilizes herbs, oils, crystals, colors, and other natural findings to infuse power into her one of a kind pieces. Find Ana on Facebook at 


rock solid mamas logo wire wrapped tree of life with tiger eye

Rock Solid Mamas was a concept that was spoken into existence in December 2011, at a Winter Solstice Drum Circle. The founder, Stacie, along with co-creator Cindi, were dubbed “rock solid mamas”. From that was born the idea of creating healing art intended to garner an emotional response, and it speak to the individual. With that in mind, they try to create pieces that will touch the heart and soul of a person. Many of the pieces offered include crystals and gemstones, along with healing energy and love with every step of creation. Find Rock Solid Mamas at their website: or on Facebook 


Reiki Magick Logo  dragon and carnelian orgonite

Reiki Magick is the magickal baby of Sheree Meier. Sheree is a Reiki Master and energy healer in Duluth, MN where she, with husband Adam, have expanded local horizons by learning about other modes of Energy Healing, Crystal Reiki, Chakra Balancing and the influences of color and aromatherapy. Reiki Magick now vends at many venues offering Energy Healing Sessions, Natural products and Oracle/Pendulum readings. Inventory today, includes tea lights from Northern MN rocks, natural smudging sprays, 100% beeswax candles and tea lights and Orgonites. The future brings more vending opportunities, a new Reiki office and Reiki classes. Find Reiki Magick at their website: or on their Facebook page


 Deja Vu Foundry

Deja Vu Foundry was created as an outlet for owner Mary Sue's love of scent. Being neuro divergent, this is her special interest blended with a love of creating spaces that feel energetically safe, clear, abundant. Mary is always on a mission to be the best embodiment of myself and hopefully inspire others to do the same. If we all had the space to just embody our BEING, the world would be such a more profoundly empathetic place. Find out more about Mary Sue and Deja Vu Foundry at and FoundryFarm1978 on IG, and their Facebook page.

Kat Shaw Art

Kat Shaw-Artist. Empowering women to love themselves and changing perceptions of beauty, one body at a time. Find her online at or on IG @katshawartist