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Raising Energy Candle

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Candles at a glance: Our hand poured candles are dye-free soy wax with wood wicks and designed to correspond with a variety of magickal purposes.
Essential Oils: 
Orange (Balances Chakras, Divination, Happiness, Joy, Love, Luck, Magical Energy, Money, Physical Energy, Psychic Energy, Purification, Sacral Chakra)
Ginger (Attraction, Business Success, Courage, Love, Lust, Magical Energy, Money, Peace, Physical Energy, Prosperity, Purification, Sex)
Cinnamon (Astral Projection, Base Chakra, Business Success, Health, Luck, Lust, Magical Energy, Meditation, Money, Physical Energy, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Awareness, Purification, Spirituality)

Lemon Peel (Balances Chakras, Health, Love, Physical Energy, Purification, Longevity, Friendship, Cleansing, Removal of Blockages, Spiritual Opening, Repel Negativity, Purification, Turn Away Harmful Spells)
Calendula (Protection, Strength)
Peppermint (Conscious Mind, Exorcism, Health, Protection, Purification)

Garnet (Energy, Resilience, Vitality)
Quartz (Energizing, Clarity, Focus)
Blue Goldstone (Motivation, Courage, Balance)

The Magick:
All life vibrates with energy and everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. All colors and sounds vibrate to a unique energetic frequency. Mind, Body, and Spirit are all vibrating in the Universal energy field. You can raise your energy vibration and frequency to create what you want - from good health to abundance in all things. Socrates even knew this! He believed that the universe was made up of pure energy which was there before earth and man came along. The entire material world is nothing but energy - the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom in your body. We are made up of atoms and atoms emit waves of electrical energy that vibrate at our own frequency. Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration from your thoughts. Scientists are even finding that our bodies are more influenced by our vibrational energy and thoughts than by DNA! So why not let us help you raise your own vibration?

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