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Invoking Water Candle

$18.00 USD

Candles at a glance: Our hand poured candles are dye-free soy wax with wood wicks and designed to correspond with a variety of magickal purposes.
Essential Oils: 
Ylang-Ylang (Love, Lust, Peace, Sex, Throat Chakra)

Eucalyptus (Healing, Health, Purification)
Jasmine (Love, Prophetic Dreams, Prosperity)
Dittany of Crete (Astral Projection, Manifestation, Love) 
Jasmine (Love, Prophetic Dreams, Prosperity)
Lemon Peel (Balances Chakras, Health, Love, Physical Energy, Purification, Longevity, Friendship, Cleansing, Removal of Blockages, Spiritual Opening, Repel Negativity, Purification, Turn Away Harmful Spells) 

Moonstone (Balance, Growth, Change, Protection)
Amethyst (Meditation, Psychic Protection, Spirituality)

The Magick:
Our Invoking Water candle was created to amplify the energies around you with essential oils, botanicals, and crystals focused on peace, healing, and purification. Water is another element that we can’t live without. Coming straight from the earth, water provides beginnings and endings. It can begin life (think seeds turning into plants) and end it, but no life can sustain without hydration. Water cleanses, heals, and can also provide a way for us magical folk to peer into the psychic realm. Water is also known as the love element. It ebbs and flows, can pour over us, support us as we swim, and even power businesses. Water is emotional and purifying, and should be used in rituals of healing, cleansing, happiness, reflection, and psychic ability.