What is a Ritual Bath and why should I care?

What is a Ritual Bath and why should I care?

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Many practitioners use tools when dealing with the energies that surround us. Crystals, candles, chimes, incense, athame, tarot, and so much more can be brought to bear while working with magick. It is common knowledge to initiate and adepts alike that tools must be cleansed before (and sometimes after) we use them. If we don’t our effects can be at the minimum, muddied, and at worst bring about a catastrophic unintentional side effect. But let’s not forget, YOU are the first tool in your magickal arsenal. The energy, direction, intent, and outcome are all because of you. The same two witches casting the same spell can have wildly different results based on their approach, focus, and desires. So, do you cleanse yourself when working magick?


What is a ritual bath?
The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse yourself of negative energies and prepare your physical, mental, and spiritual energies for whatever undertaking you have planned. A ritual bath is a ritual in and of itself and is done just before, or even as a first step, of the magick you are getting ready for.

Why should you care?
If you are serious enough about whatever it is you have planned, why not do it right? I’m not saying a full ritual bath is necessary every time you want to work magick, but for spells and rituals that need a boost, it’s important to have as clear of focus as possible. Ritual bathing can help. Think of it as meditating or grounding while in the bathtub or shower.

Ritual Baths are intended to cleanse your spiritual energy and bring it into alignment for your magickal working.

So how do you do it?
Take a quick shower to wash away the daily grime and think about what you are getting ready for. You are priming your energy now. While your focus is on your energy round up a candle or two and some bath salt, it doesn’t need to be fancy, sea salt and tea lights are fine.

Draw your bath. You can infuse the water with anything that is complementary to the magick you are getting ready for. Flowers, herbs, essential oils, bath oils…whatever fits. While the point of this is not necessarily to clean your body of dirt, ritual soaps can help you visualize the cleansing aspect of your bath while aligning with the necessary energies with their colors and oils.

Hop on in! Now is the time to begin the cleansing process. It really is like a meditation. Lay in the water as much as possible and imagine the elemental energies flowing with your own. The water is washing away what does not help you with your current task. The salts and herbs ground you with their steadiness. The fire of the candles burns away any unruly thoughts or energy that may try and jump ship. Breathe deep, pulling the energy of air within you to infuse your body from the inside and visualizing negative energy being expelled with each exhalation. Stay in your ritual bath until you feel the energy in and around you is right, then move on to your planned spell work.

Ritual Baths can be helpful after a spell or ritual too! If you need to wash away some excess energy from a ritual or feel like you can’t quite disengage from a spell the same procedure we talked about will work. This time, as the bath drains, visualize everything you want to get rid of flowing away with the water and returning to the earth.
Do you utilize ritual bathing in your magick? Are you going to give it a try now? Let me know in the comments!