Simple Shower RItual for Spring

Simple Shower RItual for Spring

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Springtime is a great time for exploring and practicing witchcraft! It is the perfect time to focus on renewal and growth. What better ritual for the Vernal Equinox (Ostara) than a ritual shower? Spring cleaning isn't just for getting rid of dust bunnies.

To get ready for the new season, why not try a simple shower ritual?
Set the mood in your bathroom with some fresh flowers, fluffy spring-colored towels, some crystals, maybe a spring-related statue like a bird or goddess, and the perfect candles. Check out our Ostara Box for everything you need to evoke the perfect Spring bathroom ritual.

Our hand-crafted Ostara candles are formulated with energy-promoting fragrances associated with good fortune, love, and prosperity, echoing this sentiment of elation, renewal, and good vibes.

spring shower
Start with a warm shower and use an invigorating natural soap that will help you to feel refreshed and energized. Our Ostara soaps echo the spring spirit of fertility, joy, and renewal, with their magickal correspondences and essential oil fragrances. Visualize all the wonderful spring energy soaking into your skin as you wash and the lather pulling winter dullness down the drain.

Anointing Oil
Finally, finish off your ritual with a spritz of a refreshing, spring-scented body spray or a self-massage using our Balance anointing oil. The Balance Anointing Oil is an effective means of invoking rejuvenation, protection, and balance.
Enjoy your shower ritual and have a wonderful spring season!