Self-Care to combat burn-out

Self-Care to combat burn-out

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self care is not a luxury, it is necessary

Today we are going to bring up being burnt-out and self-care. The modern world has so many awesome benefits- technological and scientific advancements, unlimited access to so many things (which can be a bit bad too, but not the topic today), and so much more. The downside to a lot of this is the business we all experience. Hustle culture is real. Much of today’s mindset seems to be that if you have down time, then you can do more.

While this busy life mindset isn’t necessarily detrimental- if you manage your time well and not becoming burnt out. When burn-out level is reached, tasks that are usually manageable, seem impossible.

meditation is self-care 

Self-care may not be imaginable to add onto that massive to-do list when your life is so crazy, but times like this are when self-care is essential. You must step back and focus on yourself and your needs.

If you are constantly tired, feeling unwell, generally unhappy, or know that you just are not performing to the level you should be…guess what? You are burnt-out.

If you are burnt-out, please know that you aren’t alone. You need to make changes before things go too far though. Keeping yourself in this state can be very bad for your health: mental, emotional, and physical.

You don’t need to be burnt-out.

I am not here to make you feel bad though. I am not here to yell or scold. If that would work, I am sure you wouldn’t be here reading this, you’d have taken the advice of a friend or family member by now. If it was easy to fix, burn-out wouldn’t be the huge issue that it is.

How to you fix burn-out? With Self-Care.

self care doesn't always mean the same thing

Now, I am not talking buzz word self-care here. Real, healing self-care is essential for everyone and can be as complicated as you want it to be. Binging your favorite shows and retail therapy are not proper self-care. These quick fixes can help lift your mood, and that is important, but true self-care is about creating rituals, habits, and boundaries that will bring a healthier balance to your life.

Quick fixes provide a temporary, but sometimes necessary, rush of satisfaction.

Self-care nurtures and strengthens you.

sitting quietly is self-care          dancing is self care

So what do you need to do?

Take stock of things. It’s impossible to just let things drop, but you need to truly assess what is necessary in your day and begin to weed out the things that you know deep down you can’t fit into your day while keeping you in a healthy mindset for the things you can’t remove.

Rest. No, really. Give yourself the grace of quiet time. Eat dinner at the table, without being rushed, then take the night off mindless TV bingeing or scrolling on the phone. Instead, read a book, take a long bath or shower, meditate, color or journal. Head to bed early if it feels right.

taking a bath is self-care

Routine is everything. Routines are calming, can create anticipation, and can be simple. Pick a handful of habits that you can commit to carrying out on a daily or weekly basis. You don’t need to overhaul the house. Just do a small thing each day to keep a measure of control over things but accept that not everything needs to be done now.

Nourish yourself. Make sure you are eating and drinking appropriately through your day. If you don’t regularly eat, consider getting some vitamins. This can add some nourishment to that worn out body of yours and give you a mental boost in the knowledge that you are taking steps to take care of yourself. If vitamins aren’t your thing, add fresh fruit to your morning routine each day, or explore making smoothies. Roller bottles with essential oils can be used for simple intentional practices. 

Do things for yourself. Being burnt-out generally means you give more than you receive. Please understand, it is not selfish to do something for yourself. Indulge yourself. Tell yourself “I’m doing this for me”.

If you want some ideas for daily self-care. I created a PDF download for a 30-day Self-Care Challenge. We are heading into the time of year when it becomes even more important to take care of yourself while family obligations start filling that holiday calendar.

Self-Care doesn’t need to be complicated. A healing and rejuvenating self-care routine can happen in as little as 20 minutes a day. You can take longer if needed, but don’t cheap out on yourself! There will always be days when a 5-minute nature walk is all you can do, but that’s life. Compromise with yourself and give extra time when you can. Give yourself grace. We are all only human.  

30 days of self care pdf