New Moon Abundance Ritual...Plus PDF Download

New Moon Abundance Ritual...Plus PDF Download

Welcome to our Spell Book here at MoonCrafted Essentials. We are a family business of witches who make handmade ritual bath products and invocation candles while helping mystical people learn and embrace their love of magick and the moon.


A popular and easy new moon ritual is writing an abundance check. The ritual is almost exactly what you are thinking.

Materials you need: a pen, and either an actual blank check or a piece of paper you can write one out on. We're including a printable one made just for this ritual.
The night of the New Moon is all about new beginnings. The dark phase is passed, and the energy has rested. Now the universe is filled with anticipation and powerful creation magick. Meditate on what you need abundance for. Take five minutes and really focus on one thing all this energy can help you with.

abundance check
Write a check to yourself from the abundant universe. In the money spot, write what you are looking for in abundance, it could be positivity, prosperity, rest, a new job, a place to live. Focus your thoughts on those specific things as you fill in your check. Make it payable to you, and visualize it as paid in full. Leave the check on a window sill until morning to soak up the moon energy then burn the check to release the energy to the universe. Alternately you could shred it and throw the paper into a river as well.

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What are some ways you draw the energy of abundance into your magick? I'd love to hear in the comments.