Moon Magick

Moon Magick

Welcome to the MoonCrafted Essentials Spell Book. Here you'll find musings, information, tips for using our products, and other magickal tidbits we think you might find interesting.

It is easier for some to measure life in cycles rather than time. Sometimes, what the clock says, or the calendar, just doesn't feel right. Take the seasons for that matter, the Gregorian calendar we follow sets the start of spring around March 20th. In my neck of the woods (Minnesota) we can still have feet of snow and blizzard warnings happening. It surely doesn't feel like spring! But there is this wonderful shift in the air when the wind blows a little warmer and the lakes begin to thaw at the edges, which signifies spring to me.

The moon, however, is a steady constant. Her cycle follows a steady rhythm that we can watch at every stage (cloud cover permitting). The energy of the moon follows a steady pattern as well and it is this pattern that many pagans plan their magick around

 Moon Phases & Magick

Each phase of the moon draws different energies and vibrations for us to use. Each phase can be linked to its own specific spell or ritual, or you can begin a working that requires time to build or diminish that follows through many phases. It all depends on what you need. 

Dark/New Moon- New Beginnings

  • It is time for a clean slate. Start to gather ideas and plan your intentions clearly. This phase can also be used to banish or 'destroy' the unwanted in our lives. Ritual baths and cleansing can help direct your new beginning mindset. Check out our New Moon Soap made just for this purpose. 

Waxing Moon- Set Intentions

  • It is time to state your plans and intentions to the universe. Allow the building moon energy to help build your focus toward your ultimate goal.  This entire waxing period is the best time to work with constructive magic or magic that builds things/brings things to us.

Full Moon- Harvest Endeavors

  • This is the pinnacle. Your long-term manifestations end here and are ready to come to light. This is when moon energy is strongest so don't waste the boost. The final stage of ripening, the fullest stage of growth, however, you visualize it to make sure you are ready. Ritual baths with our Full Moon Soap can help focus your mind and intentions for the power at hand. 

Waning Moon- Release & Surrender

  • A time of banishment, diminishing of obstacles and recuperation, waning energies repel rather than attract, so it's a good time to begin working on spells to get rid of things. After a long-term spell, this is a time to ground away from the leftover energy (don't be greedy, give it back if you don't need it) and rest. Contemplate your outcome, update your journal, and think about what comes next. 

There are even more steps in breaking down moon magick. There are phases with the waxing and waning with more specific correspondences if you truly want the best boost for your power. Here is a link to a further breakdown. 

I hope this guide helps you use the cycles of the moon to better your magickal workings. Is there anything special you do when practicing moon magick?

We also have a Moon Magick PDF available if you are looking for a printable list of the energies held within each phase.  Just drop your info in below and we'll get it sent to you.