Full Moon Releasing Ritual

Full Moon Releasing Ritual

The full moon amplifies emotional sensitivity, and can bring up intense feelings which can often be overwhelming. A releasing ritual can help you harness this energy and use it to create powerful shifts in your life. Releasing rituals should be done after the moon has passed 100% fullness and has begun to wane.

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Elemental Releasing Ritual
Use this ritual to release anything that is no longer serving you. This could be negative thoughts, bad habits, or unhealthy attachments.
You will need:

  • Pen and paper
  • Fireproof container
  • Candle
  • Bowl with 1 tbs of salt
  • Bowl with a few cups of water

Find somewhere comfortable where you can sit and write, with at least 1 meter of space surrounding you. Place a fireproof container to the east, a lit candle in the south, a bowl of water in the west, and a bowl of salt in the north.
Ground yourself in any way that feels comfortable- meditation, breathing exercises, earthing, chanting, or singing.
Write down anything you feel you need to release. Spend a while visualizing these things leaving you. Picture your life without them. Feel a sense of lightness as you remove them.
Turn to the candle and set the paper on fire, visualizing the fire burning them away.
Drop the burning paper into the fireproof container and watch it burn to ashes, the smoke carrying away what you are releasing.
Let the ashes cool enough to touch and turn to the bowl of salt. Mix the ashes into the salt to neutralize and absorb any remaining negative energy.
Finally, turn to the water bowl and add the salt/ash mixture. Dispose of the mixture far away from your home, ideally by dumping into a moving water source or down a drain so it is carried away.

woman burning herbs over a candle 


  • Only use fire in well ventilated areas away from pets/children/flammable objects with a large bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby
  • Do not pour salted water into gardens or lawns as you will disrupt the biosphere and can harm it. Pour into a flowing water source or down your drain.