Aligning With The Moon Cycle

Aligning With The Moon Cycle

Welcome to our Spell Book here at MoonCrafted Essentials. We are a family business of witches who make handmade ritual bath products and intention candles while helping mystical people learn and embrace their love of themselves, magick, and the moon. You'll find lunar influence in all of our products, but it's really infused into our daily lives. 

For thousands of years, humans have looked to the moon and its cycles for guidance. There are five main moon phases in every cycle and you can use these cycles to help guide you and use this understanding as a means to practice self-care.
 New Moon Image
The beginning of the lunar month is what is referred to as the New Moon. This is the time of new beginnings. Use this phase to set new goals and intentions. This is a wonderful time to begin a new project. Think of that first hint of light as the spark of something (anything) new. A time when creation energy begins.
The second phase is known as the Waxing Phase. This is the period of growth during the moon cycle. This is where you can start to harness some momentum in your actions. The spark is growing and strengthening along with the light of the moon.
 Full Moon Image
Third is the Full Moon Phase. This is phase is the height of power. It is a time of manifestation and celebration. What you have been creating and focusing on is at it’s strongest. There is no time brighter for your intentions. The day immediately following the full moon is ideal for releasing a spell as it has grown to it’s fullest capabilities and is now being turned to the universe. 

Next comes the Waning Phase. This phase can be a restorative time to start integrating the new lessons you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve had into your psyche. It is a time of releasing or letting go of what you have built and harvesting the fruits of your work.
Finally comes the Dark Moon phase. The day before the New Moon, when there is no light visible, this cycle takes place. It is a time for rest and reflection as you prepare for the New Moon ahead. Clear your mind, and spaces to make way for the new cycle that will begin. 

I hope you find this simple explanation of the moon’s cycles helpful. This is the cycle of life and of magick. When it comes down to it, we are all a part of the universe and we are all interconnected. When we can acknowledge this fact and work to align ourselves with the Universe’s natural cycles we can achieve higher vibrations and levels of awareness in ourselves and others.  

If you want a printable with all the moon phase energies, drop you info below and download our free PDF.