10 Magickal Household Items Everyone Has

10 Magickal Household Items Everyone Has

Welcome to our Spell Book here at MoonCrafted Essentials. We are a family business of witches who make handmade ritual bath products and invocation candles while helping mystical people learn and embrace their love of magick and the moon.

I racked my brains for something to write about this week. Beltane is just behind us. The Next Sabbat and Esbat celebrations are (in my opinion) too far out in the calendar to start with. So I spent days (no, really) looking around my house for inspiration. Then it hit me, many of you probably feel the same way! MoonCrafted Essentials formed from the desire to bring magick back into our daily lives. Why is this so hard? For me, common things around me just fade into the background. So I am going to help you find the magick literally in your everyday surroundings. Here we go!

10 things around your house that can be used for magick:

  1. Journal- Words have power and journaling is essentially how witches make a book of shadows. Write down your thoughts, magickal, or mundane. Meditate and keep a journal next to you to jot down the thoughts that you just can’t block out. Make an inspiration book, writing one or two things every day that inspired you or brightened your day. You don’t need a fancy leather-bound book with handmade paper either. A spiral notebook and pen are just fine.
  2. Water- The foundation of life, water is the easiest way to cleanse and purify anything for magickal practice. Water is a magickal element with correspondences and power all its own.
  3. Broom- You don’t need a fancy or ‘witchy’ looking broom either. Another tool with obvious connections to cleansing/purifying, you can sweep a circle around your carpet instead of drawing a salt line if you have limited options.
  4. Candles- Most people have a candle in their house and that means candle magick. Penny tea lights or birthday candles can work if you want. All it takes is visualization and focus. In fact, a birthday cake candle can be better! They are often colorful so you can match a color correspondence with your ritual, and their size can be perfect for spells or workings that require the entire candle to burn out, just make sure you have enough time to get through the whole spell! Candles bring the element of fire into play and can give even more options to their use if the candle isn’t needed for the magick but calling on the element will.
  5. Seasonal Decorations- Many of you have seen the jokes about witches finally being able to shop for home décor now that Halloween decorations are in the stores (don’t judge, it’s true for some of us *winks*). Seasonal décor can be great for altar extras. Snowflakes, skulls, fairies, flowers…everything can be magickal if it means something to you.
  6. Soap- Cleansing is a BIG part of magick. You have to cleanse before magick, after magick…sometimes it’s the whole point of the magick itself. If anybody said they needed to clean something that comes to mind? Soap and water. It doesn’t need to be fancy soap, dollar store beauty bars, or $8 handmade soap infused with magick already (*cough, cough*…like this) will do the trick.
  7. Wind Chimes or Bells- Hang them around your outdoor sacred space to welcome spirits, dispel negative energy and symbolize the Element of Air.
  8. Plants- Don’t worry if you have a black thumb (like me, I leave the growing to my wonderful partner…she can grow anything!), you don’t have to grow anything. A dry leaf or a plucked flower can bring the element of earth into your workings…everything buried in snow? Actual dirt will work or even some salt.
  9. Money- Abundance spells and offerings are commonly practiced forms of magick. Place a few pennies on your altar. It doesn’t matter how much you use, the focus is all you need.
  10. Crystals & Stones- Many a witch gushes over their crystals but let’s face it, those pretty rocks aren’t cheap. Don’t forget that essentially that’s what they are, rocks. Yes, that means any rock can be used in magick. Now specific colors and minerals have special meanings and energies, but if you can focus your thoughts, any rock can be infused with whatever meaning you need.
  11. BONUS: Music- Many of you have access to unlimited musical options. If you are reading this you’ve got the internet…and access to YouTube. Find some soft spiritual song to meditate to or play your favorite rock song and dance around the house to build some energy for your spell.

This is really just the beginning. You don’t need an expensive witch’s cauldron, an economical cast iron pot will work great! You can use your kitchen herbs and spices in many magickal workings instead of buying special ones, just be careful not to contaminate them with anything that isn’t edible.

What household items do you use for magick? Is there anything you struggle to find a magickal purpose for? Ask in the comments and let us help.