Spring is in the air

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A day of balance between dark and light (equinox is Latin for equal night) here in the northern hemisphere we are getting ready for spring. The days have been getting longer, up to now still holding more darkness than light but that is all about to change.

The return of the sun, of warmth, of green leaves and birdsong; springtime is something everyone who deals with cold, bleak winters dreams about. It is a time of promise, change, and cleansing. A time of hope, growth, and new beginnings; fertility returns to the land as she wakes from her long winter’s nap. The sun is grown in strength and virility, driving his heat and light into the cool waiting depths of the earthen goddess, finding her waiting seeds and coaxing them to birth new life.

The fertile magick that is the endless dance of sun and earth sweep all life up into its ceaseless rhythm. The exultant joy of survival and the returning abundance drive flora and fauna alike into the drive of creation. It is time to spread your seed. Seeds of ideas, change, growth…it doesn’t matter! Nurture baby ideas into strong bountiful plans the same as a master gardener coaxes life from a tiny dormant kernel held in his palm. There is a beauty and wonder to all potential that gives hope for the future.
Spring magick can take many forms. Simply basking in the sun and taking simple enjoyment of its heat and the life it brings can be enough. A ritual bath to clear away the dark lethargy of winter can be a great idea. Pick soaps with bright citrus or floral smells to wake your mind or remind you of flowering fields. Something with exfoliation to it wakes up the skin while scrubbing away what is no longer vital. Candle meditations embrace the fire and heat of the sun and place it at the tips of your fingers. Meals of light fresh foods like spring greens, early fruits, effervescent drinks, or anything that brings happiness, light, and celebration to mind are a great focus for the day.
Spring clean your house. If weather permits, open the windows and let fresh air and light sweep across everything. Scrub away dust and grime that may have settled, wash linens and bring a fresh feeling into your living area. Spend some time outside if you can. If it’s still too cold (as it usually is here in Minnesota) open up your blinds and sit in some climate-controlled sun. If the weather is inviting, sit outside and breathe deep of the changing winds. Have a bonfire with some friends to push the energy of life into your roots. Personal meaning is enough to bring everyday magick into your life without needing to celebrate with other pagans. Even if you aren’t pagan, showing appreciation for the return of spring and the things that give meaning to your life is never a bad idea.


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