Ritual Bathing when you don’t have (or like) baths... AKA- the joys of the ritual shower

November 15, 2020

Ritual Bathing when you don’t have (or like) baths... AKA- the joys of the ritual shower

Welcome to our Magickal Happenings Blog here at MoonCrafted Essentials. We are a family business of witches who make hand made ritual bath products and invocation candles while helping mystical people learn and embrace their love of magick and the moon. Today we are going to talk about ritual bathing. 

I, like a lot of you, love the idea of ritual baths. But, I am a busy person. Like a lot of you I work, have errands and chores to do (the cats need food and laundry never goes away), and family to and friends to stay connected with. There just isn’t enough time for a lot of “fancy” spiritual practice…or even self-care.

If you don’t know, ritual bathing is the intentional cleansing of negative energies and prepare your physical, mental, and spiritual energies for whatever undertaking you have planned. A ritual bath is a ritual in and of itself and is done just before, or even as a first step, of the magick you are getting ready for. It can also be done after magickal working to close out a ritual and ground away the energy.
You may have read our post “What is a ritual bath and why should I care?” As amazing as ritual baths may sound, it can be just as daunting to think about setting it up and having the time to sit and soak. Having an uninterrupted hour in the time of Covid is almost miraculous with spouses, kids (or in my case cats), and all the little things that build up. Spiritual practice is supposed to be rejuvenating. Not add to your list of stressors.
BUT, I have a secret for you. Ritual bathing is not out of reach anymore. I am going to tell you all about my favorite spiritual self-care practice. The ritual shower.
Shower rituals can be just a cleansing as a bath. In fact, I find them easier to focus on banishing energies when the water runs down the drain right away. You can incorporate self-care and spiritual practice into every day, in less than 10 minutes if you want.
 peaceful healing box
Here is my list of 5 easy ways to make showers magickal.

  • You can still light a candle to help infuse the room with the energy you want to focus.
  • You can use bath potions, herbs, and crystals into a cotton or muslin bag and hang it from your shower head to infuse the water as it falls on you. Don’t have a cloth bag? Tie a washcloth into a bundle with string or even a hair tie and voila! You’ve made your own.
  • Crystals can be placed around the rim of the tub, or in the tub if you’re careful not to step on them. Just remember that not all crystals are safe in water. Some can dissolve or release toxins. I have a PDF download here of crystals that are not water safe.
  • Sigils can be drawn on shower walls with soaps to surround you in specific power.
  • Magickally infused bars of soaps or body scrubs are probably the easiest way to infuse some intention into your normal shower routine.
There is no reason that you can’t infuse every day with a little magick. I hope this post helps keep your spiritual practice within reach.
Bright Blessings!

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