Magickal Adornment

Posted by Theresa Mennig on

We're adding a new section to the store here at MoonCrafted Essentials! Magickal Adornment will feature handmade jewelry created by the witches here at MoonCrafted. Our jewelry is by its very nature, magickal. It is based on the combined power of symbols, charms, talismans, stones, crystals, and energy. As you may know, the natural energy that surrounds us is what we use to create magick.

We've been working for a few months to create unique combinations featuring charms, stones and crystals designed to combine magickal energies in a powerful, wearable accessory designed to bring specific energies to the wearer. The most common magickal jewelry symbols are:

  • Pentacles
  • Stars
  • Moons
  • Goddesses
  • Celtic designs
  • Egyptian designs
  • Norse designs
  • Animals and nature images
  • And many, many more...

Our current focus is on necklaces and bracelets but if there is something special you want to see, just drop a comment here or send us an email. We love creating products tailored to bringing magick into your everyday life!


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